Vitamin E has many good effects on people and their health. Typically, we have not heard of heart diseases being treated by vitamin E. But yes, it has medical effects as all other vitamins have. So let’s discuss in more detail how vitamin E influences the human body, what are its main benefits, and what it can help with besides heart diseases. And pay attention, you will learn a lot of new information here!

Vitamin E is a nutrient that is often used by people as a supplement to improve reproduction and vision system, as well as blood, skin, and brain condition. Not only that, but this substance also has antioxidants properties that act as a shield for cells against the negative effects of free radicals (they may enter the body when the person smokes, is exposed to radiation, or eats a lot of junk food). Due to this property, vitamin E is highly beneficial for overall heart conditions.

This nutrient can be found in such products as nuts (almond and peanuts), canola and olive oil, leafy greens, some types of meat and dairy, etc. Usually, a healthy balanced diet is enough to get a needed amount of vitamin E for the person; however, it may be taken as a supplement in the form of pills or oral drops if it is not enough. The usual amount of this nutrient per day is 15 milligrams per day (this dose is calculated for adults).

People need to be aware of how vitamin E may influence the development of various other health issues in them. For example:

  • Alzheimer’s disease. Some studies showed that vitamin E might slow down mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease development in people. The needed dose for this case should be prescribed by a specialist;
  • Liver disease. If the person suffers from this issue, it is not recommended for them to use vitamin E supplements. It may make nonalcoholic fatty liver disease progress faster;
  • Some may claim that vitamin E is helpful for this issue, but studies showed it could not be effective in preventing high levels of blood sugar in pregnant patients;
  • Cancer of the prostate. Not only cannot vitamin E prevent the appearance of prostate cancer in men, but it also may increase the risk of its appearance in the future.

Moreover, vitamin E may also be dangerous for people who had such issues as heart attack or stroke in the past. It may make the immune system weaker and cause complications that may be hard to treat.

Doctors highlight that this type of supplement cannot be taken together with other vitamins or supplements; otherwise, they will cancel its effect. Vitamin E is effective only when you take it on its own. The patient should also warn a doctor if they match with at least one of the following aspects: liver disease, constant headaches, and migraines, any issues with eye conditions that affect the retina, bleeding disorders, cancer of neck or head, diabetes mellitus, strokes or heart attacks in the past.


This nutrient is a blood thinner and may increase the risk of heavy bleeding, so if the person is about to have surgery, get a tattoo, or dermal filler injection, they should stop taking vitamin E pills two weeks beforehand. Also, if somebody just had or is about to have a treatment to open blocked arteries, they should tell their doctor about it.


As you can see, vitamin E is excellent in improving someone’s health (and, as a result, heart conditions), but it should be prescribed and calculated by a medical professional only; experiments here are not a good idea.