The sphere of aesthetic medicine develops very fast in the past few years; new products constantly appear on the market, leading manufacturers come up with how to improve their products to 100% satisfy the client, and the number of frauds is also growing.

Unfortunately, in modern reality, there will always be people who want to get some easy money by scamming; that’s something everyone should understand. So, some extra attention when buying dermal fillers online will not be superfluous. In this article, we’ll discuss how to tell if you purchased counterfeit products by Juvederm.

How can you tell if fillers are fake?

Let’s look at external and internal signs of fake products that will be helpful to know for everyone in the cosmetic medicine world and aesthetic market. It is important because fake Juvederm may affect a patient’s health a lot and lead to serious consequences. First, let’s look at some external indications on the outer packaging:

  • A batch number, date of manufacture, and expiration date of the injectable are mentioned on the left side of Juvederm boxes. You may check it on the Allergan official website. An official holographic sticker should be present as well;
  • Authentic dermal fillers by Juvederm have the info about the limited use of products on the bottom of the package. It demonstrates that only licensed professionals may use that in their practice;
  • The same name should be mentioned on the box, fonts shouldn’t be different, and the box’s design must be the same as on the official website.

Now, let’s see how to spot a sign of a counterfeit product based on what’s inside the box:

  • We have mentioned the details on the left side of the Juvederm packages. The products inside must container the same info on them too;
  • A vial should be sealed with a plastic cap. If not, or if it is already opened – it may be unknown substances that will harm your client;
  • There should always be instructions inside the package.

Some other signs that may be suspicious include:

  • Juvederm product prices. It shouldn’t be lower than the average market price; authentic fillers are never cheap. If it seems too good to be true – it is probably fake;
  • There is no information about the supplier you want to choose. If they do not have Google Business, there are no details about them on different rating sites; the local market has no idea of who they are – that are probably illegal manufacturers who may sell fake product to you;
  • Injectables are shipped from China. Most counterfeit products are shipped from this country. They use much cheaper active ingredients and other unknown substances to make a fake Juvederm. It may be dangerous to the patient, so pay attention to where your order is shipped from.

It is all about details, so be ready to spend a little time searching for a reliable, authentic product and medical devices supplier. You may ask about company recommendations from people who are in this business for a long time; it is also a great way to avoid scammers.

Is there a generic Juvederm?

No, there is no generic form of Juvederm fillers. Some scammers claim that their injectables are analogs of the Juvederm brand and have the same capabilities, but it is simply not possible. Such products are mostly cheap and are not the same at all as ones by official manufacturers.

Is it safe to buy dermal fillers online?

Yes, it is safe to purchase dermal fillers online. Moreover, it is also possible to buy authentic fillers at pretty affordable prices. It is important to search for information about a supplier, read some honest feedback from real people who used their services, and do not place a very big order as soon as you found them. Order a few Juvederm vials first, check them out, and only after that make a decision whether or not you should trust them. Everything depends on you. Do not forget about constant vigilance!