Palpitations are those annoying conditions which threaten the outbreak of a serious disorder of the heart. These are the precursors to further problems and they need to be immediately treated to avoid danger of life. Let us take a look

What are they? They are nothing but the irregular beating of the heart, which is clearly felt for the patient.

In fact the patient due to these palpitations suffers a lot as his breathing becomes unstable and he fails to come to terms with it immediately. Also these palpitations may come without any particular reason whatsoever.

But mostly they occur in people who have a history of heart problems and those who have congestive heart disease as well. Also the breathing goes a bit up and down, so that too affects the person quiet badly. Also people suffering from Arrhythmia also suffer from Heart Palpitations. In those patients the heart beat is very irregular with sometimes going and sometimes going down All these affect the person very badly as he will be breathing abnormally as well.

The person soon gets tired due to this disease and the productivity of manpower is severely affected due to this. Also the person may suffer from other heart disorders as well like atherosclerotic heart disease occurring due to the narrowing of the blood vessels, leading to the poor heart beat.

Symptoms: The symptoms are very common in all types of patient with heart disorders especially, Arrhythmia, Congestive Heart Disease.

Normally the symptoms are irritating as when the person feel the irregular heart beat, he feels he is collapsing along with it. Some other people have also reported having symptoms like tightening of the chest, dizziness, light heartedness and even feelings of collapsing and death. Also if these conditions last for a long time, then immediate medical help may be required as these conditions can also turn in to life taking situations.

How to Diagnose? The diagnosis methods are simple and your doctor may help you better. Normally these irregular beats can be heard easily with the help of a stethoscope.

The stethoscope is the best one to identify these beats. However to completely diagnose, one may need to go for a ECG scan as it gives a better idea of the irregular heart beats. Also the diagnosis is done for other diseases as well like Arrhythmia and other diseases. Also these irregular heart beats can be caused due to weakness. So it is very essential- correct diagnosis is a must for giving the correct treatment for this problem.

Treatment: The treatment is given by your doctor in this disease. There are various treatment processes available. Also the treatment processes vary for the disease that is seen in the body. Foe example, A patient with Arrhythmia also suffers from palpitations and hence the treatment should aim at controlling Arrhythmia first and then the palpitations. So treatment varies with the disease conditions.
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